30 Gallons and a Barrel

Brew day: February 28, 2016

Sean and I tend to go to the extreme when brewing, so today we're going to brew three batches on a HERMS system that belongs to the Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild. Normally this would be a very long day, but since were going to stack everything we can be efficient with out time.

11:00am - T+0min
Start heating water in the hot liquor tank.

11:15am - T+15min

Open a Wildfire Imperial Amber

12:00pm - T+1hr
Start mash for Cream of Nick, fill HLT back up to 15 gal.

Pump Cream of Nick to boil pot.

Cream of Nick is boiling, start mash for Lambic.

Finish chilling Cream of Nick, clean out boil pot.

Start heating Lambic

Start chilling of Lambic

Transfer Lambic to barrel, start mash of No Boil.